A High Standard Product Keeps High Balance…

Once upon a time, a Manager of a group of IT Technicians paid a visit to the office asking, “do you have change for a hundred?”. There was silence… so he said smiling, “do you wanna see, how it looks like?…” 🙂

With the PEO license it’s similar…

PEO gives a totally new approach to model design and troubleshooting. One of the problems is, for example, balance of a rigid body. The problem was, a certain creation, which has been detached from the machine and put down in its natural position, had a tendency to flip. Now, how to prevent that from happening?

We need to figure out some method for that during the design phase. Using KWA, we are able to do Checks that will verify the balance. But why did I even start to write about PEO? If a solid doesn’t keep its balance (relatively to pivot center), then it’s normal to add or deduct a bit of matter from the structure. But how do I know, how much? Or rather, how to create a case characterized with a perfect balance? That’s what PEO is for…

Here’s a preliminary concept of the method for that:

This one happens to be a case showing, how to use optimization during the design phase. Provided it lies within Constructor’s intention, it’s easy to imagine a situation, in which the reaction does the looping of this optimization for us, providing an intelligent design feature, which keeps our whole creation in balance.

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