Associative Point with Minimal Curvature Radius

The topic was raised by the way, when presented was the description of how to find the point with minimal curvature radius using optimization algorithms in CATIA. The conclusion was, “you can’t fully trust that method”. The post was commented by Andrzej Welyczko – he found a bypass for it using Knowledge Pattern. I allowed myself to make a post of this method – because the idea of that blog was to promote interesting CATIAtic contents, and the solution was definitely such, due to its non-standard nature. I encourage you to read the original entry, in the comments to the post about “the Shepherd” – it explains how the method works.

And here’s the method in action:


And that’s the very beauty of CATIA – I’ve stopped thinking long ago, that I can’t do something – I just probably don’t know a proper method for it yet…

Half of the job is already done (by CATIAmen of good will 🙂 regarding the issue of creating a template for pressure hose. I needed that point to complete another action, i.e., to figure out some kind of trick for automatic correction of spline curve whenever minimal bending radius of the hose isn’t maintained. But about that soon… 🙂

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