Geneva Stop mechanism

And now is the time to rock this blog a bit:-) GSD is not the only thing… How to make an animation of the Geneva Stop mechanism without Contact Property in DMU Kinematics? In Poland, they published a book on how to approach that problem in an easy and pleasant way, by creating sequences. But 2009 crisis and a lot of free time makes you develop non-standard solutions even harder, especially since no one knows easy ways – that’s what leads to making nice and good-for-nothing things 🙂 Here is an example of how to approach that using simulations with  laws :


That, how this diagram was made, I leave for the curious to find out – more or less the same, as the animation of plasticine characters from the old evening cartoons :-).

Here’s a link for the product together with simulation :


During the next crisis, we will have to come up with something more automized, in order to endow it with dimensions and animate it…

Supplement 25.07.2016

I managed to dig out a classic of the genre in the attic, if it comes to that mechanism, made analogically:


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