Hydraulic Hose

I’ve already written about PKT… Now is the time for a simple example of “how to use this license” :


It seems trivial, but the template in this case acts as a carrier for design rules that call the message about the failure to maintain the minimum bending radius of the hydraulic hose, and for KP script, which marks out a critical point for us. That’s the prototype of that template, which will be enriched with design rules that will automatically take values for checks from standards for hydraulic hoses, depending on hose fittings used. That relieves from certain duties of a Mechanic(Hydraulic) Constructor.


I’ve mentioned once about how valuable is a Constructor, who has meritorical knowledge and is crazy about CATIA – but let’s be honest, an Engineer with gigantic knowledge treats CAD systems like tools, which are supposed to “spit out” documentation – that’s the most common rule, especially among “Constructors of the Old School” – the way doesn’t matter as long as it leads to reaching the goal…

That is why the rise of advanced CAD systems created the CAD Method Developer position – which means someone, who is expected to push CATIA to the limits of its functionality, create new tools and standardize design processes in the company.

From what I know, in Poland there are only two firms that treat such position seriously – and are strictly connected to mass production for the Automotive, where time is of the essence…

If I’ve managed to inspire any of you with the desire to obtain niche competences – then I suggest you simultaneously develop programming skills – CATIAman – the good Programmer – that’s the ultimate niche 🙂

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