Methodological Monogamy

Which system is the best? Of course they all are, if used by an operator, who learned all the secrets . I had the same belief having completed the first CATIA training, that I’m a Master, who is able to click-do everything. But soon after, a crisis came, in 2009, and the Polish market of CATIAning fell down with a thump – so I had to look for a different form of employment, but it turned out, that again, it’s a job related to CATIA. Soon I learned different CATIA approaches.

So the introduction was quite to the point… The next stage of my love to CATIA was, to familiarize with Skeleton Based Modelling, and, with my favorite to this day, PowerCopy. Therefore, I had to come up with some kind of method for designing something like this :

and because my new infatuation was, “to do according to those instructions”, the following method was created :

The goal was to minimize clicking and standardize everything as far as possible, so as to speed up the design process… That was made for the purpose of MD2 license, and I’m writing about it because, to complete such design process I needed the PKT license – Product Knowledge Template.

That was made about 7 years ago – today, I would add to it the KWA license, which can be presented twofold, i.e., for me, it’ll kick monotony and carry things out – while for my boss, it’ll speed up business operations…

In sum, according to my opinion, you can have a wonderful CAD System Operator – because, as I have already explained, the right person will click-through any system… but at some point, there is a wall that is impossible to overcome if you want to speed up the design of own product – there’s never enough time…

Therefore, the power of CAD lies not in its modelling functionality, but in methods, tailored over many years strictly to a particular firm and a particular product… But not all those systems allow for “development” of a product… I wonder, how I would approach such task after 5 years from now 🙂 After 10 years of professional activity and after 10 companies, a person stops approaching CAD tasks in a monothematic way – another company, another method…



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