Parametric Disassemble of a Curve ?

Back in the days I pondered, why disassemble function in GSD generates only curves deprived of history… Parametricality of that operation would be a superb functionality, it would eliminate, let’s say, indication of B-Reps during curve extracts… For example, I would like to have fundamental curves broken down, from such contour :

Are we powerless?… 🙂 Well, it appears we’re not. In an instance, which I didn’t register clearly, the following method appeared :

It moves elementary curves of any contour back to the list.

So a simple formula, i.e., we make a list :

Which we parameterize with the following formula :

And that way we get a list, populated by 3 curves :

The order of populating the list is consistent with the direction of the curve getting “broken down”. Now, we must somehow move those curves from the list into 3D space. Let’s move to the second curve, i.e., the arc. In order to do that, define the curve as a function, and parameterize it with the following command :

That way, we get parameterized section of the contour :


Another method for mitigating the B-Rep schizophrenia 🙂

Soon, I’ll make and share some kind of simple tool of it.
New method – new possibilities – thanks to it, I’ll automate a bit the procedure described yesterday :-))…




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Rafal August 24, 2017 o 12:09 pm

could you explain me when can I find in CATIA the parametric disassemly formula?
I search this functionalitty in formula window and I can’t find this.

Best Regards

    admin August 27, 2017 o 3:56 pm

    Hello , Which CATIA release are you working with ?

Rafal August 29, 2017 o 7:25 am

I’ve access to CATIA v5r26 and v5r24

    admin September 4, 2017 o 7:00 am

    I’m working with R24 and in operation constructor group disassemble method is included.

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