Perspective projection

How to make a projection of a curve on a plane from a chosen point? CATIA itself does not have such functionality, but as I have already mentioned, where there is a will there is a way 🙂 This time we created a template with procedure described with Knowledge Pattern. The procedure is as follows:

And it is described by the following KP code :

So we have a functional tool in form of Power Copy template which automatically generates “perspective projection” curve. But how to use it? Here is an example of use of this template for the purpose of indication of the scope of field of vision:

What is the imperfection of this template? In case of projection of shapes with sharp edges, we get a rounded shape of corners because the projection is described with spline curve accurate as much as the resolution parameter. Is it possible to get pass this and get sharp projection corners? Probably yes, but it would require more effort when writing the KP, my first thought was to base such script on “new” function of EKL language – Dissasemble – the functionality of which I have already described.


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