To Click, or to Type – That is the Question

  Some time ago, I mentioned that we needed to compare two identical procedures – one click-based and the other programmed with EKL language. Yet I couldn’t come up with a cool case for it. The inspiration came to me two days ago, thanks to this entry :



It’s a very fine example, it instantaneously shows, that you get that much solutions for a problem, as much Constructors there is, or rather, that much ways to reach the same goal…

My goal was to simplify that procedure as far as possible :


Here’s the method available to view :


which works like this :


Meaning, we’ve gained a functional tool, and we can call it a day. But this blog is about methods, so I’ve tried to describe the whole procedure using a design rule, the syntax of which looks like this :



And a very modest tree :



Those of you, who wrote this type of rules know, how many limitations is there in the EKL language, and how hard we need to try sometimes to reach the goal… 🙂 Both methods work interchangeably.

The method with the rule description is available for download here :


But does this case reflect the crux of the use of the KWA license? Soon, I’ll  advance on this topic a bit more 🙂


Now we should compare, “what weights less”? For simple cases like this one, it doesn’t matter, but in case of Knowledge Pattern with several thousand instances, it can have a very big influence on “efficiency” of the final result.

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