Each Part in CATIA has its own UUID identification. It’s a number, that is superiorly attached to a Part. There was no problem with that number until, in the Drawing, we tried to switch a Part for a Part with another UUID… That maybe isn’t problematic in case of simple drawings with several views or sections (which we can quickly define anew), but in case of a drawing that contains 40 cross-sections it matters, and it will speed up performance of documentation significantly (that is especially useful during switching of parts that are similar to each other geometrically, and which are at similar positions in the CATIA 3D space – for example, on the basis of stylistic surface). Let me paste a few images here, from a presentation made some time ago, they will explain, how to deal with it manually, step by step :

That kind of solution saves us “a bit” of time 🙂

But is it possible to do it even faster? Of course it is. There was a macro circling the web years ago, which solves the case in the blink of an eye.

How does it work? Here’s instructions:

– open the drawing,

– open the part you want to switch to,

– run macro – it’ll ask, if you want to have all the dimensions erased (better not, if you prefer to have reference for the purpose of applying corrected dimensions),

– and a physical job, meaning re-routing broken dimensions…


And that would be it, with one small exception, we won’t be able to manually switch CATPart link to CATProduct link, and the above macro works both ways, i.e., it’s possible to switch:

– CATPart — CATProduct – a brilliant solution when we got a working drawing, and we’d like to transform it to a drawing showing some environment while maintaining all the previously defined cross-sections,

– CATProduct — CATPart – because client might have such standards inconsistent with the standards of our company. And he/she wants to have  “dead” environment shown and linked to one file.

And for the end, the last clip with the macro in action :

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Daniel Dobrzynski August 6, 2017 o 11:28 am

Hi Lukasz,
Very interesting article!.
I tried to find this catscrip for relink you mentioned but I couldn’t.
My intention is to analyse it, Can you please sent me the place to see it?

admin August 6, 2017 o 12:41 pm

Don’t remember where did I get it from. It was many years ago.

Tomasz Gapinski August 7, 2017 o 6:36 am

Hi Lukasz.

Great CATIA site 🙂 I have found lots of interesting CATIA stuff.

Is it possible to access Macro which you mention in the article?

I run a small consulting company in Sweden with a focus on CATIA & DELMIA V5. I am interesting in the exchange of knowledge. Have been working with CATIA since V5R2 and I am very interested in CAD methodology and automation.


admin August 7, 2017 o 6:43 am

Hi Tomasz ,

Sorry but I share only things I have done myself – I follow IP protection rules.

PAT November 14, 2017 o 2:02 pm

it’s very interesting

do you have a link from the website yoy found the macro ?


    admin November 14, 2017 o 4:52 pm

    Unfortunatelly No- it was maybe more than 5 years ago. From what I know many companies are using already such tool but if exactly the same I found don’t know either.

Nikola March 18, 2019 o 12:08 pm

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. This is very useful.

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