Variable Fillet with Keep Edge

Who among HD2 Owners didn’t get the message, that additional license is needed, in order to do Variable Fillet with Keep Edge… It’s been occurring for many years despite the fact, that the field “Keep Edge” is not grayed out. For that option, you need CFO license… But can we deal with it without the license?

HD2 Owners got Full Sweep – that’s how you can bypass that option in the most cases :


I tried to be a wiseguy and to create Power Copy using CFO license, and that way, load that fillet to CATIA without CFO… Unfortunately, that works only when Fillet values in each point of variation are equal – a change in the value of whichever of those points will summon the message about the fact of not being in possession of the license.


And what Users of licenses lower than the HD2 are supposed to do??… Ask HD2 Users for a “clever” template, made using that very Sweep :-)…

That is something that Dassault hasn’t blocked … (maybe it’ll be available without full functionality, which in emergency situations should suffice)…


Of course, the clip shows only functionality in case of two End Points. What if we need variation between End Points ?? That leaves us with the Advance Law…

Both in Sweep and in Variable Fillet there is no Smooth Sweeping option, and no internal Sharp Edges… That’s one difficult algorithm – but maybe such functionality will appear in some later revisions…


And of course backers of the one and only, divine and famous methodology called, “never mix GSD with Part” will say straight away, that it’s something you must not do 🙂 But entry titled, “extract from a solid” is already in my plans… maybe I’ll even manage to abolish a few myths about, for example, Looping.

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