What Can Be Done Using Inverse…? Continued

A couple of entries ago, I described a property of the Inverse operation, which was basically the Activate/Deactivate.

Now, it’s time for a simple procedure, that makes use of that property in practice:


That’s priceless, when it comes to creating templates (in order not to manipulate directions of arrows, only define/predict behaviours of the template at the stage of its development). The use for it I have already presented, in the clip about the demolded hole. In more complex procedures of this type, with several Inverses, you would need to use Knowledge Advisor environment, to control their mutual interactions, but let’s be cool… first, we need to exhaust all the possibilities that CATIA gives us without KWA …:-)

And here’s one more example about how to control Shape Fillet command that’s based on parameterized Inverses:


And what next? The formula is already there, but how to use it even better for models, or control certain behaviours of surface elements. Soon, I’ll expand on a pretty cool topic, which is the stabilization of orientation of surface elements…

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