What Can Be Done Using Inverse?…

In one of the last entries I mentioned, that I’ll explain how to make a stable offset, not sensitive to change in Parent orientation. A starting point for that is a certain property of the Inverse operation, which is the possibility to Activate/Deactivate. I propose to familiarize with the following procedure :


– there is Sweep base surface,

– then, the direction of that Sweep was inverted using Inverse,

– next, Offset operation, consistent with the direction of the Inverse operation.

What will happen, when we deactivate the Inverse? Or rather, what will happen to the Offset operation…?

Offset will automatically connect to the operation that precedes Inverse (more precisely, it’ll adopt the previous orientation) meaning Sweep surface, and thus will offset accordingly to the direction of the Sweep :


Re-activation will cause automatic step of the Offset in the opposite direction.

So now, we can control the operation in a simple way using Boolean-type parameter.

The same we can do, of course, using Join operation – activate it, deactivate it, the only difference is in change of orientation – in Join – that’s using an arrow, while in Inverse it’s :



Join has one more advantage, in a middle of a fight (job), you can add something to it and the orientation will stay the same (always of the first indication) – so far I haven’t had a case, in which it could prove useful – it could be of use as a means of reducing the amount of clicks, rather than as some clever KBE, simply because the syntax of the Join looks like this:


…there’s no Boolean-type parameter in this syntax…


But how can we use it in practice? That I’ll explain yet soon, there are many possibilities about it 🙂


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